Africa 2.0

Schoolgirl in uniform, Botswana, 2011

Internet in Africa can be quite slow, sorry I mean dead slow sometimes. Last year I had a plan of writing / posting pictures on my blog during my time in Africa but I got so frustrated with the speed that I gave it all up. This year I will give everyone a chance to follow a photographer step by step in the african bush and society, looking for stories, scenes, animals and situations that reflects the things I see through my lens. I will also give behind-the-scenes photos and stories and share my life in general and reflections under this trip. I will share my best insights and help others understand how I see and think about what I capture. Join me in the african bush and let the western society and its neverending rat race be forgotten for a while..  If you have questions please post them as comments, I´ll answer asap…!

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Michael & Esther, a true couple

Yesterday I met Michael in the newly built center / house in Lomma for He is an American, he grew up in Texas, now living in northern Florida, spending this summer here in southern Sweden. He actually first came to France in Europe, where he bought a car which (of course) is a french one. He has been living in his car on his journey up to Sweden and there have been smaller breakdowns but she is still going strong even though he mentioned that she barely make 80 km/h. The following pictures is a series of him and Esther.

The French car and the American guy, now staying here in Lomma Beach, Sweden. I think his car is really cool and suits him well.

What do you think?

PS. Thanks for your time Michael, see you soon again.

A dream. A place on earth.

While travelling in Africa earlier this year I often found myself overwhelmed with scenes & moments so amazing and pure that it felt hard to describe them afterwards. This picture was taken during a roadtrip to Sossusvlei known and world famous for its pure and beautiful desert dunes.

Stepping out of the car instantly made me aware of the wind which was rather intense that evening. A rough 40 degrees celcius and the wind felt like a giant hair fan. I had just seen the most beautiful place on earth to live and of course it was a must to capture even though we (me & my girlfriend) were running late to the camp site in Solitaire where we had decided to stay that evening. Being late in Africa means you have to drive in the dark (A) and pitch the tent in the dark (B) and you don´t want that if you can try to avoid it. Back on the gravel road you see what you´re stepping on but the moment you leave the gravel road and start walking the grass you need to keep an extra eye to avoid stepping on anything that could take offense and try to defend itself. A few seconds later I found a perfect spot from where I had free view and took up my camera to take a look on what could be captured from this point. To my relief I looked OK and the mountain to the right which most people would think of as “the subject” felt like a good reference point and beauty there beside my little dream. The dream stands to the left on a smaller hill and I think somebody must be lucky about having a place like that, at least I would. Some like crowds and beaches full of people, I prefer remote and deserted places where my mind can find peace, refresh and heal. A place like this. To be honest I found a couple of places in Namibia where it felt like this.

F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r